PSA - This is not my dog. 

PSA - This is not my dog. 

Here's what my closest friends and colleagues have to say about me. 


Your work is minimal but complex and thought provoking. It is perfect yet extremely raw and intimate, which I think is reflective of you as a person. You pay attention to the details of life and invest in those who you are close too. You know how to cut the crap and just live honestly for your self. I hope this helps ☺ 

- Rachel


I’ve never had a colleague that was so hardworking, detailed, disciplined, and willing to do what it takes to get where he wants. He also happens to be a great friend and conversationalist.

As for your work, I find it pleasing and thought provoking because of its highly conceptual values and well researched subject matter. Aesthetically you have a clean and minimal look that is signature to your style.

- Patrick 


To put it simply, when you go you will be missed greatly. So my advice is to not really leave - stay in touch, come over and bake, and don't be a stranger. Thanks for being such a great student, worker, and friend. 

- M + S